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Jupiter is a Russian import with a wonderful temperament. We have been extremely impressed with how well he has meshed with the other dogs in our pack seeing that we got him at an older age. He has no issues being around our other intact males which is a huge goal of ours since all of our dogs live in our home. Jupiter has a nice drive to retrieve, is environmentally stable, and has a great off switch. He has produced service and therapy dogs, hunting dogs, and wonderful family pets with his previous owner. His puppies have gorgeous conformation, temperament, and drive. We are so excited to have this boy as part of our pack and cannot wait to see the offspring he produces for us!

Jupiter will be available for stud once he gets his eyes and heart clearances.

Date of Birth: March 23 2017

FCI Hips: A

FCI Elbows: 0

OFA Eyes: Pending 

OFA Cardiac: Pending

CNM: Clear

DM: Clear

EIC: Clear

SD2: Clear

HNPK: Clear

PRA: Clear

Stargardt: Pending

Copper Toxicosis A + B: Pending

Dilute: Clear

EEBb - black carrying chocolate


Champion of Russia

Junior Champion of Kazakhstan

Champion of Kazakhstan

Jupiter: Males
Jupiter: Pro Gallery


Jupiter: Welcome
Jupiter: Pro Gallery
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