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Breeder of health tested, titled, and dilute free Labradors producing versatile puppies for sport, service, and family companions

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Barefoot Kennels is based in Conover, North Carolina. I, Courtney, decided to start Barefoot Kennels in early 2022 when I got my first well bred Labrador, Babs, who is now retired. I grew up around animals and knew I always wanted a dog of my own one day. As soon as I moved out on my own in 2017 I got my first dog, Kobe (pictured), who is a huge mutt that consists of 22% Lab according to DNA. Kobe got me started in all things dogs. I started working at a boarding and daycare facility in Wilmington, NC. I ended up managing this facility for a while and learned SO much about training, dog behavior, business organization, etc. This experience along with my difficulties with raising Kobe is what really sparked me wanting to produce well bred dogs who are not genetically predisposed to joint, health, or temperament issues. I love Kobe more than anything, but he has had his fair share of temperament issues since he is not a well bred dog. This is why I take pride in all of my dogs/puppies and the time I put into each one. They are truly my whole world and I spend every day giving them the best life I can whether that means we are out training, hanging in the yard, at a sporting event, or just cuddling on the couch. My puppies are raised in my home being included in my day to day life alongside the adults and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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