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Our puppies are $3300. We require a $500 deposit to reserve a spot on our waitlist for any current or future litter. The remaining $2800 is due when the puppies are 6 weeks old at the same time the puppy contracts are signed online. Deposits are to ensure you are serious about a puppy from us. This deposit is NOT refundable but it is transferable to another future litter.

A lot of people question ethical breeders pricing thinking they are making loads of money, but there are a lot of things they don't take into account so I want to share some info. Health testing, titling, stud fees, high quality food/supplements, whelping box/play pens, curriculum items, utilities, etc. are just a small list of things that cost a lot of money when breeding ethically. One of my most asked questions is in regards to pricing. Just a couple quick ONE weekend of dock diving (or almost any performance sport has similar prices) with only 3 dogs, I am spending nearly $1200 NOT including gas/food/hotel fees. Another example...we spend roughly $1200 in dog food per month (kibble + raw). None of this is even mentioning the time we put into our puppies and dogs EVERY single day.

I hope these examples help you understand a bit more on why we price our puppies the way we do.

Our price also includes AKC limited registration, 30 month hip/elbow/eye/heart/genetic health guarantee, lifetime breeder support, microchip, first vaccines and exam done by our vet, negative fecal exam, 30 days of free Trupanion insurance with full coverage immediately, and a go home bag with puppy starter essentials.

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We raise ALL of our dogs, puppy or adult, inside our home because they are part of our family as any dog should be. We do not and will not ever put our dogs or puppies in outdoor kennels. They are out with us majority of the time during the day and the youngsters sleep in crates at night. They enjoy lots of car rides, hikes, swimming, sport events, and snuggles on the couch or bed. Our dogs are our entire world and we wouldn't have it any other way. We use Avidog, Empowered Breeder, and Puppy Culture curriculum to ensure we are producing well socialized puppies that are ready to confidently explore the world. We introduce our puppies to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) from 3 days old to 16 days old. As they continue to grow we do daily handling exercises, noise exposure, object exposure, as well as them meeting people/dogs/kids/cats safely within our home. We start potty training at about 3 weeks old and by 8 weeks of age they understand that outside is where they need to go, but they are still puppies so accidents can happen. At 5 weeks we introduce a crate to the puppies and by 7 weeks they are sleeping overnight in crates with the door open so they have access to go potty in their designated area. We include each and every puppy/litter into our daily lives because they are family and we expect them to be treated that way.

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